The World Peashooting Championship Rules

World Peashooting Championship Rules – Updated April 2024

Please note no dogs, horses or private vehicles allowed on the village green!

  1. Peashooters may never exceed 12 inches in length in all event categories (peashooters are available for sale at the event).
  2. Peashooters must not be shared by contestants.
  3. Peas must be fired at the target by blowing with the mouth.
  4. Only peas purchased via The Witcham Events Committee may be used (£1 a bag).
  5. The 2024 World Peashooting Championship categories are:
    1. The Open (age 16+ and above)
    2. Traditional Peashooter (age 16+ and above)
    3. Team event (teams of 4, adults only or combination of adults and children)
    4. Petit Pois (Primary school age children)
    5. Youth (Secondary school age children)
    6. Junior teams (team members ages 5-16 )
      See separate category level rules below for further rules and information.
      Note: Adults may enter both the Traditional and Open championship categories, if they so wish. Entrance is dependent on the type of Peashooter used..
  6. Entry fees:
    1. Individual adult competition entry fee: £4
    2. Individual child competition entry fee: £2
    3. Adult/mixed age team entry fee: £10
    4. Junior Team entry fee: £4
  7. Registration can be fully completed online at prior to the event. Online registration is preferred although in-person registration will be available on the morning of the event in the registration tent.
  8. The registration tent opens at 11:30 when the competition starts. Registration closes at 12:30.
  9. Distance from the target: 12 feet (note: in the Petit Pois children’s competitions the distance is age based, see event specific category rules).
  10. In early rounds all entrants shoot 5 peas at the target.
  11. In Round 1 entrants compete in random order as and when they are ready (form a queue). A final call is announced for entrants who have not completed round 1 in time. Entrants must then promptly present themselves to compete.
  12. Any entrants that do not present themselves to complete a round and who do not respond to the final call will no longer continue in the competition. Their entry fee will not be refunded.
  13. Scoring:
    1. Inner ring scores 5
    2. Middle ring scores 3
    3. Outer ring scores 1
    4. Hit and bounce of a ring, the higher score is given
  14. The referee’s score decision is final and score challenges are not allowed.
  15. The highest scoring entrants in round 1 will qualify for the next round (see category rules for number of qualifiers per category).
  16. If there is a tie for a qualifying place following round 1 then the organisers will decide on a method for determining who will go through to the next round.
  17. Following round 1, the competitions will be run on a knock-out match basis.
  18. The draw for opponents and order of play will be selected at random on the day of the contest and announced. Contestants therefore need to pay close attention to proceedings at this point.
  19. The toss of a coin will determine who shoots first.
  20. Match contestants/Teams take alternate turns.
  21. The highest scorer wins the match and proceeds to the next round.
  22. In the event of a tie, the match will be decided by additional ‘sudden death’ shots (a “pea-off”) until both contestants have shot the same number of peas and there is a clear winner.
  23. The winner of the final in each category will be presented with a trophy. The trophy ceremony takes places after completion of all the event categories (approx time 4-5pm).
  24. The organisers reserve the right to cancel a specific category or reduce the numbers proceeding to round 2 if numbers of entrants to the category are insufficient to run the category as planned. If a category is cancelled, registration fees would be refunded.
  25. Normal rules for Witcham village green and the Village Hall apply on peashoot day (no dogs, horses or private vehicles allowed).

World Peashooting Championship Rules
Category Specific Rules

(note that rules 1-25 stated above apply to every championship category listed below).

Traditional Peashooter Category:

  • Age range: adults plus college aged children in school Years 12 and 13
  • No adaptations to the peashooter allowed whatsoever (we’re going back to our roots with this new category, mirroring the first ever peashooting championships in the 1970s and levelling the playing field for entrants competing against each other with only their skill to differentiate them).
  • Entrants to the Traditional Peashooter category are also welcome to enter the Open, should they so wish. Separate entrance fees apply to each event (see rule 6).
  • Number of competitors proceeding to round 2 after qualification: 16
  • In the semi-finals and finals the number of peas each contestant shoots increases to 10.

The Open/Team events:

  • Age range: adults plus college aged children in school Years 12 and 13
  • The only stipulation relating to the Peashooter tube is the 12 inch length limit (rule 1). Otherwise anything goes to personalise your peashooter and try to obtain the advantage (or indeed, stick with your plain peashooter and see how you fare against the customisations).
  • Previous examples of customisation include decorative features, sights (including laser pointers), handles, balance aids etc.
  • Laser pointers must be low-grade lasers only1 and care must be taken at all times to ensure lasers are switched off when not pointed at the target.
  • Entrants to the Open category are also welcome to enter the Traditional Peashooter category using a plain peashooter, should they so wish. Separate entrance fees apply to each event (see rule 6).
  • In the Open semi-finals and finals the number of peas each contestant shoots increases to 10 (N/A to the team event).
  • For the team event, teams of 4 individuals compete (either all adults or a combination of adults and children however children of school age must follow the children’s peashooter rules below e.g. no lasers).
  • An individual can only enter the team event once.
  • Number of competitors proceeding to round 2 after qualification: 16 for the Open, 8 for the Teams.

Petit Pois/Youth/Junior team competitions:

  • Age range:
    ◦ The Petit Pois category is for Primary school age children, age 11 or under on 31st August.
    ◦ The Youth competition is for Secondary school age children, age 12-162.
    ◦ The Junior teams is for any children of school age (mixed age or same age team members).
  • Laser pointers or similar laser assisted pea shooters are not allowed in any of the children’s competitions.
  • In all children’s categories customisation and decoration (with the exception of lasers) is allowed e.g. sight aids, balance aids, decorative peashoot personalisation.
  • Entrants in these categories can only enter one team event and one individual event (Either Petit Pois/Youth and/or 1 x Junior Teams/Teams).
  • In the individual competitions only: in the semi-finals and finals the number of peas each contestant shoots increases to 10.
  • Distance from target:
    ◦ Age 7 and under: 8 feet
    ◦ Age 8-11 (Petit Pois competitors only): 10 feet
    ◦ Youth/secondary school age competitors: 12 feet
  • Number of competitors proceeding to round 2 after qualification: 8


Photos and Video

Witcham Events Committee will be taking photos at the World Peashooting Championship. These images will be used by Witcham Events Committee to share news about the peashoot, and to publicise the next event. Images may be used on the website and in printed publicity, and shared for third party use in press releases and on social media.

1. See UK government guidance on laser pointer safety standards here.
2. Some older 11 year olds in school year 7 with birthdays in July and August will belong in this category. Older 16 year olds in Year 12 , about to turn 17 in July or August, are not eligible for this category and should enter the Open/the Traditional Peashoot categories.